Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hatsune Miku Moe Overload

A GIF picture of Hatsune Miku, doing some moe overload. Can't say nothing else, but KAWAII!

From hikky.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Haruhi MAD Konna ni Chikaku de Yuki Nagato version

YO guys I'm back from deep playing of Dissidia, LOL. I just wanted to share this Nagato Yuki tribute using the ED song of Nodame Cantabile, Konna ni Chikaku de by Crystal Kay. Sweet indeed. LOL

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Hatsune Miku x-mas love song, When the first love ends

Introducing a newly created awesome song by ryo titled, "The moment when first love ends"
Sad love song of Miku after breaking up with his *boyfriend* were is Christmas is coming. Some watchers say this one has a pretty poor voice of Miku, not like the other ryo creations. But I say that it's not that bad at all. It's rocking after all. :D


Another addition to be burned in my upcoming little CD of Miku. LOL
I'm burning a 700MB of Hatsune Miku 'only' songs. :D Just a little activity for my winter break.

There's also a Len version of the same song. Lyrics are same so I guess no more subbing is needed for Len. Too bad for Len XD

Oh and there's a MP4 and MP3 provided by Moetron also. How resourceful. :D

Subs thanks to pKjd3 of Moetron
Thanks also to Lelouch Lamperouge for sharing to other Miku fans.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Dissida - Final Trailer

I could say nothing about the anticipated new release of Final Fantasy and it's trailer. This is damn rocks! XD

Video for the trailer

And the last character that completes the roster would be the Judge Magister from Final Fantasy XII, Gabranth. This would be the match-up for Shantotto. The funny part is, the match-up is between a midget versus a giant. That resembles someone... :D

And you those who doesn't have any PSP, you'll surely will miss another Final Fantasy title. Too bad I should say. Good thing I never looked down and say bad on PSP, not like those who posses NDS, discriminating this baby. :D Wahahahahah

Dissidia would be release on Japan, December 18, 2008.

Video has now subbed thanks to SilverKiento

All video of Final Fantasy are not mine, neither the uploader. We are just fans who love Final Fantasy very much, and we would like to share the awesome gaming history to all fans too.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Konohamaru's Rasengan

Yes, the title is right if you were not aware. At the early age of Konohamaru in the latest release of Naruto manga, he already performed the A Rank Jutsu, Rasengan. This happens to be in Pain's invasion to the Leaf Village, and he wanted to protect the village being a member of it and carrying the family name of Sarutobi. Even though the technique he released on the target was fairly small, it came to a great impact, making the target fall down. Here's the page of the new release.

Though Naruto teaches him a perverted way, he actually made it to Konohamaru learn the steps of making a Rasengan. First is Rotation ( on a pole ) XD

Then there's "power", after that, the "release" XD. Even though he has a lower count of chakra, Konohamaru still idolize the way Naruto uses clone trap.

Ye baby! Rasengan!

The impact astonishes Ebisu.

Onemanga has all the page.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Holidays to all!

I just got this iDOLM@STER Video from a Youtube user, Benpc91, presenting a little song for Kami-sama, matching with red suits. Starring, Miki Hoshii, Asuza Miura, and Haruka Amami we have Birthday of God video. Happy Holidays! :D

Ahhh such a nice time, school breaks, bed time is longer, and more feeds of news! :D
Happy Holidays to all.!

The Day the Earth Stood Still convey onto Space

The entry today might not be otaku-related but I'm fond into movies that have space theme. The movie "The Day the Earth Stood Still" will have a unique remark that will be the first to all movies; transmitting the first motion picture in to deep space, making it the first ever movie to be galactic.
This is my general statement for this one of a kind entertainment = FTW! XD

Yahoo Buzz! has the news:
Twentieth Century Fox makes history by transmitting the first motion picture in to deep space, making THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL the world’s first galactic motion picture release. The first deliberate deep space transmission of this highly anticipated science fiction thriller will begin this Friday, December 12, 2008, to coincide with the film’s opening day on Planet Earth. If any civilizations are currently orbiting Alpha Centauri, they will be able to receive and view the film approximately four years from now in the year 2012
Awesome eh? They will be starting the operation after the movie is available for all theaters and available in DVD's or Blu-ray's. Using the Deep Space Communications Network located at Cape Canaveral, it will be termed as the "ultimate wide released" movie and it will be zipping through space at 186,000 miles per second to reach possible consumer base orbiting the three star system, Alpha Centauri.
Wanting to create history, Fox wanted feedback from a civilization that is living in the Alpha Centauri, which is 4.37 light years away from our Sun. Basically, the year it takes to have the feedback is 8, roundtrip.
More on here

Hmmm futuristic

Thursday, December 11, 2008

720p of Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll, one of the big anime streaming sites, has upgraded their streaming definition, now having a 720p resolution. Available (only) for widescreen monitors because of it's space eating measurements. It's like they have also changed the viewing comfort of those who had a
  • Intel Pentium 4 2GHz or equivalent
  • 256MB of system memory
More like similar to Youtube's widening of screen or more. I cannot view it as one whole ( without scrolling ) because my monitor's measurement limit is 1024x768. And I don't know also why when I'm watching a 720p or let's say &fmt=22 of Youtube, my computer always fails me. I have a decent net connection as far as I know. Or it's just too high for me? XD

Anyways, here's the link to it: Crunchyroll's 720p sample

And more of it why they're creating HD for animes, here
As for me, if there's any payment for their best and awesome services, I would pay so. :D
HD HD HD HD HD HD HD HD. I like HD. Everyone likes it No? :D

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

CAOT 404 Blogging

This post was truly for our beloved CAOT Skyline Professor, Alma Cervantes. I already started using and visiting this Blogger account back in June so I pretty much know the workaround here. I post this for my beloved grade! XD

Basically, this blog of mine is more concentrated on my hobbies which are being an Otaku and some on Techies ( newer gadgets ) that's why the Blogger title is like that.

Two of the blogspots I found out which decided me to go on making an account too.
First one is this Koz Ta blogspot

Lightningsabre's simple layout of blog was the second.

Red Ranger is not actually associated with this but he needs food. XD

This maybe weird for my teacher, but I rarely listen to songs that basically easy to understand. I listen to this one

That's all! :D

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Vocaloid Twins are coming with the Diva

Recent Famitsu magazine has released an interesting bonus with the upcoming PSP Sega game, Project Diva. It is said that the Vocaloid twins, Kagamine Len and Kagamine Ren wil be on the same game, joining Hatsune Miku on her journey to stardom. The family is getting bigger! I thought also that, if we only play Miku on her game, that'll be a pretty boring sight, since it's just her and only her. Like a food, we need a variety of taste and sights. I hope also that the original Vocaloids, KAITO and Sakine MEIKO would join so that the Vocaloid family is complete! :D
Here's some shots from PSPHyper

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Desktop Screenie

Today I'm just going to take a screenie of my desktop since I'm very dazzled in redjuice999's Hatsune Miku art. Sorry for a messy desktop

Strobo Nights

So again, this amazing art is done by redjuice999 at his site redjuice999 and his DeviantArt. !
Mata nee~

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

PSP Helps.

Today I got a news from This news was about helping deaf kids in school using a popular gaming console, PSP. It is said that the device is using a plugin camera, that kids use to take a shot or capture video of British Sign Language. Then they use it to learn the vocabs and symbols.

Here's a quote from Glenn M. a user of who had posted this happy news. :D

We had kids where their written work wasn't as good as their signing. They improved by signing their stories to the camera, taking the PSP back to their desk and trying to translate what they had said in BSL into written English, which is their second language. That's been very successful.
Heh, looks like PSP has got a good point for British people.

Here's a random pic.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dragon Ball the Movie

Me and my friend has found something interesting. After 11 years Goku and friends are back in anime! :O

Two years have passed since the battle with Majin Boo. Mr.Satan's hotel, built as a commemoration of the victory over Boo, is finally complete!!

Goku and the other fighters are invited as guests. While Goku and the others are enjoying the party, a strange pod falls to Earth. Inside, a sharp-eyed Saiyan detects strong fighting abilities and takes a small alien along to the party! When the Saiyan encounters Vegeta, his words shock everyone!!

I'm also curious about so, I'm going here. You should also.

Clannad visits different Characters

Today, I'm gonna show Clannad characters that visited different anime worlds. Yes, they have visited and taken some memoir back to the Clannad world. XD

Ryou/Kyou, Kagami/Tsukasa





XD Mata ne~!

All from gelbooru.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Taiga's Feelings

Funny and interesting episode. This time, Taiga's feeling were released in front of many people. But of course, as we know all about Rie Kugimiya, the character she popularly dubbed were tsundere, it's like eating sweet vanilla with salt on the top. There were also funny scenes like Taiga's snatching of the tickets Kitamura given to Ryuuji. I wonder if she said "Don't!". Anyways, here's the screenshot of what I'm saying. Please watch the whole episode at ZomgAnime

Pool Tickets
Pool Ticket by Kitamura


Poor Ryuuji
He is actually alive

He is mine! - Aisaka Taiga

Though of course, she still hides it. :D


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Shakugan no Shana 3!

This translated picture is originally from Chiaki, my 'boss' and an Imeem user. It's about the general story of the upcoming 3rd season of our favorite tsundere-action series, Shakugan no Shana. It has come into a very very twisted twist, that even me, is grabbing my attention and saying, "YOU THY WATCH THIS". >,< Chiaki itself.

Shana 3

Urusai urusai urusai! to the corner if you don't watch this. XD


Aegis Gundam

What's this? New word? New place? New food? Hmm. Actually I didn't know either until now.

This 'Morro' thing is actually a 'mega-effective' protection against all negative attackers, which are viruses, malware, root kits and trojans. Whow. This can also be called another AV program, but this was actually being made by Microsoft "award-winning malware protection engine". They say it will replace OneCare because subscriptions will be discontinued to new users effective June 30th 2009, and Morro will be the next aegis of computers. Hmm, it also will be compatible on XP, Vista, and Windows 7. Another awesome protection.

News originally came from


IM@S has created a new promotion for the upcoming PSP game of the popular Xbox 360 game, IDOLM@STER. This time, they made a customized Visa Card, having a cover of the main heroines of the game. I did saw just one cover for now, but isn't it cute. XD Miki was there too, so I think this was not a bad move. There is also another card that comes with it. From the pictures of it and the written katana, saying Producer, I think this is a business card. Pictures are directed from and to the official site.


765 Productions Business Card

This picture above shows the front and back of the business card that is *bundled* with the Visa. I don't know. I'm not that good with Japanese yet. XD
Original news from their site and from PSPHyper

Monday, November 17, 2008

IRShell Is back!

One of the greatest homebrew apps for PSP is back. Yes, the one we love called IRSHELL, is back, compatible with the latest PSP firmware. Heheh. Not much to say because I'm on the DL mode.
Get the latest version of IRSHELL in their site which the picture below.

Just wait for a few minutes before the real site comes up. That's their opening sequence. Heh. Happy Playing! :D

Friday, November 14, 2008

TouchDiva: One great Music player

Heya people. Got new gadget to share with. This time, the name is called TouchDiva. Hmm, literally, getting the meaning of the name, it's connected within musics. But then again, I say it's one hella great music player. Hmm, I did say hella maybe because of it's description? As said at it's homesite, you don't need any hassle to bring with you just to listen in your fave musics. You just need this boy, and you'll be able to connect into the servers that has the biggest collection of songs you like to hear.
Neat. I just got one picture of it. Source, of course is from it's homesite.


I could say the place though, (sorry for this) but, it's from Denmark I guess. Thanks to FlagFox

Dissidia: Final Fantasy Limited Edition

Now the awaited Final Fantasy game on PSP coming this December 18 is having a limited edition. A special box bundled with PSP-3000 with the graving of two espers(I used this term from FFXII for the summons), and the game inside. Ceramic White is the color from the obivious view.
Source Famitsu

Dissidia: Final Fantasy Limited Box Edition

PSP-3000 dissidia back

PSP-3000 dissidia front

Exciting! :D

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dissidia Characters, Cloud Strife and Sepiroth are included!

Yes, you saw, and heard it right. The eternal rivals are "officially" included in the upcoming super awesomemest of the awesome Final Fantasy fighting game. I think December 18 would be the greatest early Christmas gift you can get, especially if you're a Final Fantasy-chu(Final Fantasy addict) I am one of those, and I am definitely gonna buy it. That's why I applied for a Ross Store. LOL Anyways, for a proof, here's the news from PSPHyper.

Cloud and Seph

Monday, November 10, 2008

Kodomo no Jikan Second Season

This may be late for the announcement in most of all advance otakus out there, but I still like to present this news for those who aren't that updated. Kodomo no Jikan, one of the great series due to it's good style of lolicon, has coming with it's new cycle of series. Rin Kokonoe and her friends are back for another loli entertainment. Of course the series would shown next year which is 2009.
Rin Kokonoe

From some sources I found, (here and here), it will be available in July. If so, it's worth waiting since the series was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :D great. LOL Sorry
Anyways, 2009 is very sure, the year of prosper, in every aspect. Hmm, I hope no bad things happen, so please everyone, pray for a good year like Japanese do wish in new year. Advance Merry Christmas again! :D
Kodomo no Feri

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Suzumiya Haruhi Calendar 2008

This awesome Suzumiya Haruhi Calendar scans are from Anime Dream. The pictures are 2008 Calendar Covers. Now, for the sight seeing.


Page after Cover

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

I needed to lie it sideways to protect the original, which is the paradox of this post because this was actually resized to fit in the site's width. :D
Anyways, please give credits to me and the original poster of this pictures, if you happen to fetch it. Advanced Merry Christmas! :D