Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Hatsune Miku x-mas love song, When the first love ends

Introducing a newly created awesome song by ryo titled, "The moment when first love ends"
Sad love song of Miku after breaking up with his *boyfriend* were is Christmas is coming. Some watchers say this one has a pretty poor voice of Miku, not like the other ryo creations. But I say that it's not that bad at all. It's rocking after all. :D


Another addition to be burned in my upcoming little CD of Miku. LOL
I'm burning a 700MB of Hatsune Miku 'only' songs. :D Just a little activity for my winter break.

There's also a Len version of the same song. Lyrics are same so I guess no more subbing is needed for Len. Too bad for Len XD

Oh and there's a MP4 and MP3 provided by Moetron also. How resourceful. :D

Subs thanks to pKjd3 of Moetron
Thanks also to Lelouch Lamperouge for sharing to other Miku fans.

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Snark said...

Sounds pretty good to me