Wednesday, December 3, 2008

CAOT 404 Blogging

This post was truly for our beloved CAOT Skyline Professor, Alma Cervantes. I already started using and visiting this Blogger account back in June so I pretty much know the workaround here. I post this for my beloved grade! XD

Basically, this blog of mine is more concentrated on my hobbies which are being an Otaku and some on Techies ( newer gadgets ) that's why the Blogger title is like that.

Two of the blogspots I found out which decided me to go on making an account too.
First one is this Koz Ta blogspot

Lightningsabre's simple layout of blog was the second.

Red Ranger is not actually associated with this but he needs food. XD

This maybe weird for my teacher, but I rarely listen to songs that basically easy to understand. I listen to this one

That's all! :D


Snark said...

Red Ranger needs food! Quick! Call Godzilla!

Andrei-kun said...

LOL, if he is available for stomping. I think the feet of the monster got hurt after a while. :D

Swregeko Desho said...

interesting post check out my gamer/anime blog please its fresh ^-^ haha