Saturday, December 13, 2008

Konohamaru's Rasengan

Yes, the title is right if you were not aware. At the early age of Konohamaru in the latest release of Naruto manga, he already performed the A Rank Jutsu, Rasengan. This happens to be in Pain's invasion to the Leaf Village, and he wanted to protect the village being a member of it and carrying the family name of Sarutobi. Even though the technique he released on the target was fairly small, it came to a great impact, making the target fall down. Here's the page of the new release.

Though Naruto teaches him a perverted way, he actually made it to Konohamaru learn the steps of making a Rasengan. First is Rotation ( on a pole ) XD

Then there's "power", after that, the "release" XD. Even though he has a lower count of chakra, Konohamaru still idolize the way Naruto uses clone trap.

Ye baby! Rasengan!

The impact astonishes Ebisu.

Onemanga has all the page.


Snark said...

Is it just me, or do none of the ninjas in Naruto even vaguely resemble ninjas?

Shagh said...

Wtf? so,konohamaru is a strong ninja?? Omg, i remember when he was a child... Rock lee is my Fav character :)

hahaha said...

i feel sad for the ole' lad