Friday, November 14, 2008

TouchDiva: One great Music player

Heya people. Got new gadget to share with. This time, the name is called TouchDiva. Hmm, literally, getting the meaning of the name, it's connected within musics. But then again, I say it's one hella great music player. Hmm, I did say hella maybe because of it's description? As said at it's homesite, you don't need any hassle to bring with you just to listen in your fave musics. You just need this boy, and you'll be able to connect into the servers that has the biggest collection of songs you like to hear.
Neat. I just got one picture of it. Source, of course is from it's homesite.


I could say the place though, (sorry for this) but, it's from Denmark I guess. Thanks to FlagFox


robert said...
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