Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dragon Ball the Movie

Me and my friend has found something interesting. After 11 years Goku and friends are back in anime! :O

Two years have passed since the battle with Majin Boo. Mr.Satan's hotel, built as a commemoration of the victory over Boo, is finally complete!!

Goku and the other fighters are invited as guests. While Goku and the others are enjoying the party, a strange pod falls to Earth. Inside, a sharp-eyed Saiyan detects strong fighting abilities and takes a small alien along to the party! When the Saiyan encounters Vegeta, his words shock everyone!!

I'm also curious about so, I'm going here. You should also.


Snark said...

Hmm...personally, I'd rather they'd just let the series die >_>

Andrei-kun said...

Really. You hate that much?

Lightning Sabre said...

Well... to me anything that's not from the manga is a filler... but if I get a chance to watch this I will. Just to see the difference in quality of animation.