Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dissidia Characters, Cloud Strife and Sepiroth are included!

Yes, you saw, and heard it right. The eternal rivals are "officially" included in the upcoming super awesomemest of the awesome Final Fantasy fighting game. I think December 18 would be the greatest early Christmas gift you can get, especially if you're a Final Fantasy-chu(Final Fantasy addict) I am one of those, and I am definitely gonna buy it. That's why I applied for a Ross Store. LOL Anyways, for a proof, here's the news from PSPHyper.

Cloud and Seph


Snark said...

Hmm...I'm kinda scepticle about Dissidia...seems like SquareEnix is just milking the cash cow

Andrei-kun said...

Hmm. You think so? I think I will be on the other side. Because, for the long years, SquareEnix is making games and Final Fantasy is one of their forte. I meant, is there any FF series that it didn't sold or little less their expectations? But let's respect your side. Thanks for commenting.