Wednesday, January 7, 2009

6-year old Drives to School

The title is right I guess.

A 6 year old Virginian boy, determined to go to school, drives a car. Will of fire burns LOL. Anyways, the detail is that he missed the school bus, so the determination of going to school makes him "borrow" his family car, which is a Ford sedan and drives into that 10 mile away school. Shockingly amazing, he reached 6 miles in that driving, and noting, he's on the highway. 4 miles was missing because the boy got crashed into a pole but fortunately he's not hurt at all. But the determination didn't stop him, he walks and still wants to not miss classes. ( Whow )
The people concerned brought him to the police, and the police brought him to the hospital for check-up. In the interview of him why he did that, he said he learned driving thru GTA and another game called Monster Truck Jam. ( Of course this is a 6 yr old kid, lying is bad LOL )
I nearly forgot, the parents were asleep that time. LOLOL

Image from gelbooru
Source There's also a CNN video of this in Youtube

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