Friday, October 31, 2008

Techotaku & Clannad After Story 5

Maybe this is the final name for my blog. Since I'll be just posting all about techs and comments about anime I've recently watched. Picture is downloaded from here

Now my comment about Clannad After Story episode 5

The Seasons You Were In"
"Kimi no Ita Kisetsu" (君のいた季節)

This story revolves around Misae Sagara's adolescence years. Misae-san is the landlady of the dorm where Sunohara lives . The first scenes where Okazaki and Nagisa is going to visit Sunohara because Nagisa's mom cooked a meal for Sunohara. Sakagami also visited, but for her to get some advice on how to be a good student president. Since Misae-san was a student president also in the same school as Sunohara, Okazaki, Nagisa and Sakagami, goes to. Now the story begins when Okazaki was falling asleep as a boy talked to him. The boy's name is Shima Katsuki, and he tells teen Misae that she visited him in a hospital where Misae's grandma has been confined for some illness, but Misae has a vague memory of that. Due to some encouraging words in that time between them, as Shima said to her, he feels that he needs to grant a wish for Misae; a wish that she really wants. Shima's reason to his granting of wish is that, he wants to pay the favor back of being positive in life and granting a very special wish for Misae is what he wanted to do.

Shima Katsuki
Misae Sagara
Shima and Misae
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