Thursday, October 16, 2008

Full Metal Alchemist Second Season

OK. Folks out there who likes science; biology, chemistry, & physics, that can be integrated with anime, then the news is very interesting for you. FMA or Full Metal Alchemist will have a second season. YES! Edward and Alphonse will be back and said to animate the story base from its manga.

About the time period of the FMA, my guess is that, the second season will be in the middle between first season and the movie since FMA movie was set two years after the events of the first season.

In any case look at this site

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Fariz Asuka said...

Cool.. I would love to see the 2nd season of Full Metal Alchemist.. I wonder how they are going to start the new season since the movie itself.. >_<

Thanks for the info.. ^^