Friday, October 31, 2008

High-risk trojan virus

Another Trojan virus has been deployed and it's been two years that it attacks victims, specifically bank accounts, quietly. The wrecker is called Sinowal, and it's job is common, which is stealer of personal informations. But, this trojan is not that common as others, because viruses that last like, 2 years, is not any ordinary. The creators of this virus are not clear enough because they have a special camouflage inside the web, making it's identity hidden.
The virus trap is set up in a place that you often know that is safe, like the visiting a website.
Other viruses are only attacking victims through "driver-by-download" style, meaning if a victim clicks and download something on a website, the virus is also in the package. This specific virus is not going to do the traditional set-up; instead, it is placed in front, but very well hidden. Once a victim clicks a link, bang, you have been caught by their booby trap, and getting your informations at once. >_>; Source: BBC News

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