Sunday, September 21, 2008

Miku Clock

See the Hatsune Miku in the right? :) It's a flash animation and it's kinda alright if I share it with anyone.
First thing, navigate the page using your browser by:
A. Firefox
1) Click on Tools > Page Info
2) Click the Media Tab on the Page Info Windows
3) The media tab will have complete list of Images, CSS Files and Shockwave Flash files that were downloaded by the Firefox browser while loading the page of the website.
4) Scroll down the list and locate mikuclock.swf file.
5) Click the “Save As” button and save the file.


1) Click Tools > Internet Options
2) Under General Tab, click the Settings button available in the Temporary Internet Files group.
3) Click View Files to open your Temporary Internet Files folder.
4) Click View > Details. Then click View > Arrange Icons By > Internet Address.
5) Once you find mikuclock.swf file, right-click and choose Copy. Then paste the .swf file somewhere in your computer.

Note: The above-mentioned methods will only work if your internet browser’s cache file has not been cleared yet. Make sure that you did not close the internet browser before you save the flash file.

Then save it to any file hosting sites i.e., Fileden, Esnips, etc....

After that, type this line or copy(that would be natural to lazy people LOL peace)

If the method didn't work on your site, then maybe the site don't support such tags. Ciao! :D

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