Friday, October 31, 2008

High-risk trojan virus

Another Trojan virus has been deployed and it's been two years that it attacks victims, specifically bank accounts, quietly. The wrecker is called Sinowal, and it's job is common, which is stealer of personal informations. But, this trojan is not that common as others, because viruses that last like, 2 years, is not any ordinary. The creators of this virus are not clear enough because they have a special camouflage inside the web, making it's identity hidden.
The virus trap is set up in a place that you often know that is safe, like the visiting a website.
Other viruses are only attacking victims through "driver-by-download" style, meaning if a victim clicks and download something on a website, the virus is also in the package. This specific virus is not going to do the traditional set-up; instead, it is placed in front, but very well hidden. Once a victim clicks a link, bang, you have been caught by their booby trap, and getting your informations at once. >_>; Source: BBC News

Music Virus
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Techotaku & Clannad After Story 5

Maybe this is the final name for my blog. Since I'll be just posting all about techs and comments about anime I've recently watched. Picture is downloaded from here

Now my comment about Clannad After Story episode 5

The Seasons You Were In"
"Kimi no Ita Kisetsu" (君のいた季節)

This story revolves around Misae Sagara's adolescence years. Misae-san is the landlady of the dorm where Sunohara lives . The first scenes where Okazaki and Nagisa is going to visit Sunohara because Nagisa's mom cooked a meal for Sunohara. Sakagami also visited, but for her to get some advice on how to be a good student president. Since Misae-san was a student president also in the same school as Sunohara, Okazaki, Nagisa and Sakagami, goes to. Now the story begins when Okazaki was falling asleep as a boy talked to him. The boy's name is Shima Katsuki, and he tells teen Misae that she visited him in a hospital where Misae's grandma has been confined for some illness, but Misae has a vague memory of that. Due to some encouraging words in that time between them, as Shima said to her, he feels that he needs to grant a wish for Misae; a wish that she really wants. Shima's reason to his granting of wish is that, he wants to pay the favor back of being positive in life and granting a very special wish for Misae is what he wanted to do.

Shima Katsuki
Misae Sagara
Shima and Misae
Full Summary on Random Curiosity. Please click the picture above.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The California video game law is back and may even go to the Supreme Court

Jump to this site. This is all about California state, banning games that are in the category of violent, sexual content etc..
and games that they think are not too compatible with people especially kids. But of course, I agree with this quote,
"Many of these games are made for adults and choosing games that are appropriate for kids should be a decision made by their parents".

If the parents doesn't want their kids to see games like this, (i.e. GTA), it's their very own responsibility to filter this to them.

The law has been described unconstitutional, and gaming institutions were quick to act in countering the law, putting it under preliminary injunction, and eventually a permanent injunction. But it seems that California isn't calling game over just yet, as they are appealing the ruling made by the lower court in 2007.

Mou~ Mataku~ XD

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kannagi OP motto! Hade ni ne!

わかっているわよ 出会いの瞬間に
汗が滲んだ Babyface

抑えられない鼓動 ヤセ我慢で隠す
スピード違反の Driving

だって 手を握れもしないクセに
なんて背伸びだらけの 貴方が好き

Kiss も地・味・だ・NE!(Fuwa-Fuwa)
履き古しの ズボン脱いで 飛び込んで来たら?

貴方だけに 熱いアン・ドゥ・トロワ 見せてあげる そっと
Hard day’s night game

わかってきたのよ 一緒にいたもの
素直になれない Shy boy
「男らしく」なんて 口癖に言うけど
ドリフト続ける Lonliness

だって あの娘に気もないクセに
ちょっと ここにいるじゃない私を見て

自分だけの 夢を見るより 一緒に踊ろうよ

ハートはCrazy for me! いつかは
胸の奥で 甘い春一番 吹き荒れるの きっと
Magic nightmare

午後の教室 ダラダラ授業
退屈な呪文 ココロがさわぐ
勝負は放課後 いつものあの場所
お願い 待っていて 私のすべて
神様見守って For you

Kiss も地・味・だ・NE!(Fuwa-Fuwa)
履き古しの ズボン脱いで 飛び込んで来たら?

今夜だけは 二人アン・ドゥ・トロワ 重なり会う もっと

wakatte iru wa yo deai no shunkan ni
ase ga nijinda Babyface

osaerarenai kodou yase gaman de kakusu
supiido ihan no Driving

datte te wo nigire mo shinai kuse ni
tsuyogatte 「tsuite koi」
nante senobi darake no anata ga suki

madamada ji-mi-da-NE!
Kiss mo ji-mi-da-NE! (Fuwa-Fuwa)
haki furushi no zubon nuide tobikonde kitara?

soredemo ji-mi-da-NE!
honto no ko-i-da-NE! kizuite

anata dake ni atsui an du torowa misete ageru sotto
Hard day’s night game

wakatte kita no yo issho ni ita mono
sunao ni narenai Shy boy
「otokorashiku」 nante kuchiguse ni iu kedo
dorifuto tsuzukeru Lonliness

datte ano ko ni ki mo nai kuse ni
omowaseburi na mekubase
chotto koko ni iru ja nai watashi wo mite

madamada ji-mi-da-NE!
nakami mo ji-mi-da-NE! (hara-hara)
jibun dake no yume wo miru yori issho ni odorou yo

yappari ji-mi-da-NE!
haato wa Crazy for me! itsuka wa
mune no oku de amai haru ichiban fukiareru no kitto
Magic nightmare

gogo no kyoushitsu daradara jugyou
taikutsu na jumon kokoro ga sawagu
shoubu wa houkago itsumo no ano basho
onegai matte ite watashi no subete
anata ni sasageru wa
kamisama mimamotte For you

madamada ji-mi-da-NE!
Kiss mo ji-mi-da-NE! (Fuwa-Fuwa)
haki furushi no zubon nuide tobikonde kitara?

soredemo ji-mi-da-NE!
honto no ko-i-da-NE! kizuite
konya dake wa futari an du torowa kasanariau motto

This is the lyrics (Nippon, and Romaji) of the OP of the anime Kannagi All thanks to this -->

My Banner

Heya folks. I just made my banner. LOL It's still an amateur, yeah, one fact is that I lack special editing tools. Anyways, I like graphics itself cause it pretty matches my title.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Miki Hoshii in Idolmaster SP

Ok folks, for those who love Miki Hoshii as charming idol character, I just found this very interesting. Because the IDOLM@STER SP PSP game doesn't include Miki as one of idol that you can raise, she has become the antagonist instead. Yes, base from this site, it is said in the Weekly Famitsu that Miki can be seen in the game by getting the Missing Moon version. Technically, Miki Hoshii jump ship into the 765's rival company, 961 Productions. She has also her own team produced by the same fictional company 961 Productions. This is gonna be exciting! :D

Here's the pics. Credits from and to

Click here
Click here

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hide files manually in PSP

Do you want your files to be hidden in your PSP? No worries, there's one way that hides your folder without installing anything or doing anything in your PSP.
You just need a USB connector, the PSP and a PC or laptop.
First, connect your PSP to your desktop PC or laptop, whatever you have.
Second, navigate through your Memory Stick and find the folders that you want to hide.
After that, rename your folder to this --> (Ex. MUSIC ) = (MUSIC_OFF) without the open and close parenthesis.
There, basically, once you navigate your PSP icons, specifically MUSIC, it will say that there are no files in it. But actually, you just hide your folder from peeky eyes or people who like to navigate in your personal device without your permission.

Though, I found out that it only applies only in the folder so basically, it doesn't really hides the files you want. But in the other side, only you can see what's inside your private folders. That's why it's called private. XD

Anyways, happy hiding. :D

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Video Game Music Tabs

Do you like playing video games? Do you like to play the music in the games? Well, if you're on this category, try looking at this site.

The site gives guitar and bass tablature for those who like music based from a video game. Since I was surfing back informations about one of my favorite game, Chrono Cross, I bumped into this site amazingly looking at many of game tabs. And I found Chrono Cross, specially its ED. Very nice for the owners.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Full Metal Alchemist Second Season

OK. Folks out there who likes science; biology, chemistry, & physics, that can be integrated with anime, then the news is very interesting for you. FMA or Full Metal Alchemist will have a second season. YES! Edward and Alphonse will be back and said to animate the story base from its manga.

About the time period of the FMA, my guess is that, the second season will be in the middle between first season and the movie since FMA movie was set two years after the events of the first season.

In any case look at this site

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Ok I just found out something awesome. Well, it might not be that awesome but, I now know the name of the 14th Member in the Organization. The name's Xion and it's confirmed.
Though the mystery revolves around that girl is the key point of the game. So KH fans out there, if you really want to crack the extraordinary story of Kingdom Hearts into deeper parts, I recommend buying a refurbished DS and import 358/2 days game. LOL

Microsoft 7

Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 7 will be the final name for the next generation operating system.

In a blog, Mike Nash, Corporate Vice President, Windows Product Management confirmed the news.

"Since we began development of the next version of the Windows client operating system we have been referring to it by a codename, "Windows 7." But now is a good time to announce that we've decided to officially call the next version of Windows, "Windows 7" Nash said.

This is the first time a Windows OS has been named by its codename. The decision was made for simplicity. Nash added "this is the seventh release of Windows, so therefore "Windows 7" just makes sense."

Microsoft is set to reveal a lot more about Windows 7 at its professional developers conference which starts on the 27th October.

Mike Nash Windows 7 Blog Post

Original post from

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Driver Detective

Are you having trouble in installing new drivers? You lost the installer for your device?

No worries. This application helps you detect what seems missing in your devices. It scans your system and finds whatever is missing, out of date or needs to be filled.

I find this great because it helped me connect my Sansa Fuze and my PSP specially in my Sansa since I lost my installer for the player. Once I installed, then registered, I got lesser hassles in installing my devices.

Yeah maybe it needs purchases again but it's worth it you know, specially if you're a busy person.

Here's a review from CNET

Version features new scanning engine.

Nice isn't?

Monday, October 6, 2008


Hooray for Aya Hirano-san! Another "spice of life" anime is released and she's one of the protagonist. It's titled, Hyakko. I couldn't figure out what is the meaning of the title though. LOL

Anyways, it's on early releases but this would be a hit since Konata's voice will be heard every or once in a while. Konata! :D

Anyway here's the Official Site

A blog for Hyakko in